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  • Uploaded 2016-10-02

Setting objects, cameras and characters in motion is one of my favorite tasks. I make animations, compositions and montage.

AnimaTricks motion capture session in mocap.pl studio (AnimaTricks 2016-10)


Marcin Paśko – acting, motion transfer & animation

Property of AnimaTricks and mocap.pl studio

Projection Mapping in the musical “Bitwa o Broadway”


Marcin Paśko – modeling, textures & animation

Property of Broadway Musical School

“Too Night” short 3D animation (AnimaTricks 2013/2014)


Team work:

Marcin Paśko – the original screenplay, work schedule, modeling the main character, modeling scene elements, textures, character animation, ash animation, camera animation, lighting, rendering, sound, post-production, completion of work on the project
Aleksandra Boniecka – concept art of the main character, textures
Aleksandra Kowalczyk – modeling scene elements, textures, ash animation, camera animation
Grzegorz Lipiński – modeling clothes of main character, textures

“Publico24 – Digital Publishing Reinvented” & “Publico24 – cyfrowa rewolucja”


Short films presenting opportunities of Publico24 platform. Animations made according to the scenario and based on solutions from Videohive.

Marcin Paśko – some of the animations, transitions, montage, composition, participation in the creation of the script

Property of Cloud Mobile Media Sp. z o.o.

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